RACHEL READS 5/15/2018

I read these, and YOU SHOULD TOO.

Sanjena Sathian - "Neighbors" Joyland Magazine 

The creepiness of this story rises as slow and inevitable as floodwaters. An unnerving look at karmic retribution in a disarmingly literal sense.

Theodore McCombs - "Six Hangings in the Land of Unkillable Women" Nightmare Magazine

Turn-of-the-century speculative historical horror where women, at long last, are the fiercer sex.

Zach Doss - "The Season of Daughters" Fairy Tale Review

I never met Zach in person, but we were pals on Twitter and page-mates in the Ochre Issue of Fairy Tale Review, and I was shocked and heartbroken to hear of his untimely death earlier this year. His story "The Season of Daughters" is strange, unsettling, and a pristine example of Doss's neon-bright talent.

Emily Louise Smith - "What Becoming a Mother Has Taught Me About Home" House Method

A beautiful, bite-sized essay recounting the first few months of motherhood by Lookout Books impresario Emily Smith; I hope Birdie inspires a hundred thousand more of these.