RACHEL READS 5/27/2018

Recent reads of note!

"The Exact Coordinates of Eleanor" - Kathleen Jones, Paper Darts

This story does so much in so little--its economy alone is astonishing, but the echo it leaves is doubly remarkable.

"Material Remains" - Christine Hennessey, Flyway

"The gun would be safe, and so would we." Bad things happen when kids dig a hole in their yard in this unsettling, fantastic, domestic nightmare. My prom-in-a-tornado story, What's It Like Outside, can be found in Flyway's archives.

"Mario Reconsiders His Profession in Plumbing" - Dustin M. Hoffman, Booth

I love everything about this, and I feel like Hoffman's inbox probably looks a lot like mine. Bonus! Hoffman's flash fiction, "Elvira is An Asshole," a terrible fable on insensitivity, is an all-too-appropriate read for hurricane season and can be found at Flyway.